Green Smoothie For Breakfast

The best way to start a day is perhaps by having a healthy breakfast.

There cannot be a more healthy way to start the day then having a green smoothie for breakfast. In today’s world where lifestyles are changing drastically, where stress and tension are a way of life, the food that we eat certainly has a big bearing.

Let us therefore try and understand more about the various reasons why this breakfast could be a game changer as far as good health is concerned.

Understanding More About Green Smoothie

Answering the question what is a green smoothie should not be difficult because it is a relatively simple subject. It is all about mixing and making a paste of some well chosen fruits and vegetables. They go a long way in helping the body to have green, leafy vegetables which also are a rich source of fiber that helps the digestive system a lot.

Hence when it comes to quality breakfast drink that is filled with goodness and nutrition, then this obviously is the best choice.

How To Make These Smoothies

Since the green smoothie for breakfast is filled with the goodness of nature, let us try and find out how it is made. One could use any fiber rich fruit or vegetable to make the smoothie. Common fruits that are used are berries, banana, orange, flax seeds, pomegranate, and others. It also is common to use whey protein, soy protein, yoghurt, and ice cubes to make a tasty, yummy and highly nutritious breakfast. Hence answering the question how to make green smoothies is not a big task.

The Various Benefits Of Green Smoothie

Now let us try and have a look at the various benefits associated with green benefits. The biggest problem with any normal breakfast is that instead of providing something nutritious and filling, more often than not it is filled with excess carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids.

On the other hand if one learns how to make a healthy green smoothie it would certainly help in getting the right nutrition without burdening the body with excess fat and carbohydrates.

Since they are rich sources of fiber they play a big role in neutralizing the bad effect of LDL or low density lipoproteins. LDL is notorious because it causes clogging of the arteries and blood vessels.

Since green smoothies also contain high quality whey or soya protein, they play a big role in cleansing the digestive track and getting rid of accumulated LDL over a period of time.

Hence there is no doubt that opting for a well chosen green smoothie to lose weight would be a great way to ensure overall heath and well being.

Another good reason why this food it so popular is because it is tasty and highly palatable, unlike many health drinks which are very dull and tasteless.

Therefore when it comes to long term usage there is no doubt that green smoothie is a very good option. The results will be visible within the first few days itself.

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