Hello My name is Ivan , a certified nutrition expert and health coach living in Tennessee.

We are alike, you and me

I have been where you are and know I how it feels when you want to attain your dream physique but all you do is add more weight. I know how it feels not to know how to use diet supplements or even which supplement is good for your health.

It is disappointing not to have a normal life around food, not to find peace your health and fitness. When it comes to food and eating, the last thing you need is stress. But you can now relax, you have come to the right place.

I was where you are I love food and I love what I do. After 10 years of struggling with dieting, counting calories, diet supplements and sometimes even starving, I was able to attain my dream body shape.

I will, however, admit that it was not easy, I had to discover counter-intuitive strategies.

I learned most of what I know through the school of life and some through professional training.

I believe that to be healthy, we need not spend hours emphasizing on the importance of exercise and choosing which super food to eat each day.

The trick is in examining why people eat what they eat, what they need to change on their diet and what supplement can complement their diet to make their meals wholesome.

Ten years struggling with your health is a long period. I do not want my audience to undergo what I went through. You do not have to live ten more years with your weight, you do not need to knock on hundreds of doctors’ doors looking for help, you do not need to learn in the school of life like I did and you do not need to go for a professional degree like mine just to be fit.

I started A Better Chance as a way to help people reach the peak of their health goals. It is a platform where I discuss tips and tricks on the use of diet supplements in relation to your health, adopting good nutrition habits and also review diet supplement products.

Why A Better Chance?

Mine is a revolutionary approach to dieting. I realized that many nutrition experts fail because of their use of old-school approaches to dieting.

A Better Chance revolutionizes food and dieting by teaching you all that you need to know about food and diet supplements, tips on tricks that you should master to attain health and maintain it and how to love your body.

I show you exactly which products are right for you and which you should keep at bay. The tips you get here cannot be found anywhere else; unless we are copied. Mine is to impart the knowledge I have to you and to help you come to peace with your health and your body.

If you have a bad relationship with food, you have tried diets or diet supplements that did not work or you are the kind of people who hate their body, welcome to A Better Chance.


Nutrition Expert and Health Coach